We Are

Goran Kajary Design is brand of Net gerila ltd.
After years in marketing, graphic and web development we decide to move forward with creativity. Industrial design is kind of design with unlimited possibilities.  Lighting design is start. In future we will be involved in furniture design and interior design. Sky is the limit.

What We Do

At the moment we are producing sculptural lighting for indoors. Every product is 100% handcrafted. Lamps are made with natural materials like wood and glass. Every lamp has unique light bulb which is also handcrafted and supplied with high power LED with lifespan of 50 000 hours. If average use of table lamp is 3 hours per day, this light bulb will last little bit longer than 45 years. Power supply for light bulbs work with DC and AC from 100 up 300 Volts so they can work in every country on this planet. For foreign countries package contain plug adapter.